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Publicación de las conclusiones del 1st Galileo User Assembly

13/12/2017 - MADRID - Tema: Eventos, cursos y jornadas
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Publicación de las conclusiones de la 1ª Asamblea de usuarios de Galileo en la que participamos representados por Ana Belén Bello, Delegada Territorial de Madrid, en el apartado de Surveing.


28-29 NOVEMBER2017 MAD

Dear Galileo User Assembly Participant, 

We would like to thank you for your contribution to the 1st Galileo User Assembly in Madrid on November 28-29. By sharing your insights and your experience of using Galileo, you helped make the Assembly a success. The feedback you provided will help us to fine-tune our service provision ensuring that you can continue to reap the greatest possible benefits from Galileo into the future.

We have prepared a webpage where you can find news from the event and a range of other useful materials, including the event Agenda, livestreaming of the plenary session on Day 2, all of the presentations. You can access the webpage through this link:

File Summary of the results of discussions in the Surveying panel

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